Stockton Liz Anelli

Stockton NSW

Here’s Liz’s imprsssion of this quiet and curious suburb.

Thank you to The Portside Local newspaper for collaborating with us to hold ‘TOP 5 places on Stockton’ at Stockton Senior Citizens Hall  Mitchell Street on Saturday April 27th 9.30am till 12pm. Lots of people came in and told us about their favourite haunts and others sent in by email.

If you have a story to tell related to the Stockton and you would like this to be also recorded for the Newcastle Maritime Museum Society archives and used for this project, please let us know.

  • Why are there thongs nailed to the tress by the Prawners Club?
  • Did anyone actually see Little Richard throw his rings in the Hunter River? 
  • How many world cites make up Stockton Ballast Grounds?
  • What’s the best spot to fish from? probably secret…

New Story: Roland has generously sent in his article Newcastle Harbour, Little Richard, and the Death of Rock and Roll selected for publication in Catchfire’s forthcoming anthology: Little Richard & Newcastle Harbour 2013



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