little richardIn October 1957 the outrageous rock star Little Richard performed at the old Newcastle stadium. Then, to everyone’s astonishment, he announced that he would return to America to become a preacher. To confirm his commitment to God, he threw his valuable rings into Newcastle Harbour from the Stockton ferry, and cancelled the last performances of his tour, including a planned second Newcastle concert. By Roland Bannister

Calling all Anglers

Calling all Anglers


Fishing off Queens Wharf

Fishing off Queens Wharf

Dylan Fishing

Dylan Fishing

Newcastle harbour is full of stories about ‘the one that got away’ and other fishy tales of things that lurk at the bottom of the harbour…

Dylan (pictured left) catches Flathead, Mullet, Brim and once a baby shark (by mistake). He fishes along the Foreshore, the town-side of Carrington Bridge and in Throsby Creek. The biggest thing he ever pulled out was a swordfish on his dad’s boat – it took an hour to bring in. He told me how to be careful of the spiny bits on the head of brim and advises putting them in a separate box so you don’t cut your hand. Thanks Dylan.

Liz watched the Sutherland brothers unload their catch on a Wednesday morning. The really helpful people at the Fish Co-op let me draw while they worked.

Newcastle Museum have some oral histories on-line  that recount memories of things floating out to sea on some of the Hunter River floods. Also some pretty scary stories about shark attacks. But don’t let that out you off the annual Cross Harbour Swim.


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