Newcastle East – Civic

Newcastle East

Newcastle East

There’s so much history and stuff going on now in Newcastle East (the area from Nobby’s – the lighthouse, breakwater, beach, life saving club, wildlife etc all the way to Civic) its hard to decide what has space to get included on the map. The best thing is to take oneself on a walking tour and go find out.

Thanks Jen for showing me round this gorgeous suburb – a refreshing mix of old and new with water on all sides. It feels European until you see the bananas in Sandhills Community Gardens near the Train Sheds.

Fellow Children’s book illustrator Leila and I came back with our sketchbooks and lost ourselves drawing in a golden afternoon. We also rescued a tiny bird from a predator and helped a lady get back into her yard after she locked herself out putting out the rubbish.

If you have a story to tell related to the any of the area and would like to share this to be recorded for the Maritime Centre’s archives and for this project, please let us know.


6 thoughts on “Newcastle East – Civic

  1. Jen

    Hi, I live in newcastle east – are you going to include it in the map? I hope so. And I’d really like to be involved. Jen

  2. Jen

    Hi Liz, I’d really like to see some of the terraces and little gorgeous laneways behind the terraces included. It’s part of what makes newcastle east like a little villiage.

    Frangipani trees hanging over fences, and makeshift garden beds in a scramble of houses that have been there since newcastle first became a port. Our little villiage out on the peninsula, wedged between the sea and the harbour.

    I’d be happy to take you on a walk to show you some lovely spots.

    Also the Sandhills community garden down on the foreshore, it’s a wonderful community hub.


    1. portnewcastle Post author

      I’d like to meet up with you please & you take me for a walk around those best bits. Are you free during a weekday ? Thank you Liz Sent from my iPhone

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