This suburb must be a small boy’s heaven to grow up in –  everywhere you look there is something big happening – trains shunting, ships loading and big trucks swinging down the roads. However its surprisingly quiet for a residential area in the middle of all that industry.

Year 6 students from Carrington Public School took me on a tour of their favourite local places and did some ace drawings:

Angie invited me to her studio where she makes amazing artworks from the things she picks up along the shoreline.



Also big thanks to Linda who came in to my studio and shared with me her dad’s book on Carrington.

On March 11th local residents came to an Oral History Session at Carrington Community Centre, Hargrave Street generously facilitated by Hunter U3A.

Liz and staff and volunteers from both The Maritime Centre and Newcastle Museum had a delightful afternoon listening to and recording memories and stories about Carrington and various other river, estuary and port-side locations now and in years gone by.

Do you remember the man who used to catch sharks near Bullock Bridge and charge people to come look at them? What ‘Texas’ was like and how the harbour waters seemed dark like tar when the grey mullet were running?

If you have a story to tell related to the Port of Newcastle and you would like to share this to be recorded for the Maritime Centre’s archives and for this project, please let them know.

Carrington Community Centre

Carrington Community Centre


2 thoughts on “Carrington

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  2. luckyluke3

    Hey there,
    I am planning a walk through Carrington as part of ‘Jane’s Walk’ Newcastle on the first weekend in May, looking for the 15 pubs that supposedly used to be in Carrington. I would be very interested in the Oral History audio files from the session you describe here at the Community Centre, but the the Newcastle Museum website does not show anything. Can you help me with a source or contact? or 0434 589 338 thanks!


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